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Masaka Diocese prays for all the Deceased Bishops of the Diocese

Masaka Diocese held special prayers for all the Deceased Bishops of Masaka Diocese at Our Lady of Sorrows Kitovu Cathedral on 30th December 2022

The function started with a sacrifice of Holy Mass led by Rt. Rev. Serverus Jjumba ,Bishop of Masaka Diocese. This practice was introduced by the late Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa who requested the Diocese to pray for all the fallen Bishops of the Diocese on the day Bishop Adrian Ddungu Died.

During the Celebration, a booklet with all the History of the fallen Bishops of Masaka Diocese was Launched. This book was written by Rev. Fr. Richard Mugisha.

In His Homily, the Bishop requested the youths to continue respecting and helping the parents in their old age, he further encouraged parents to groom their children in Catholic Faith. He urged them work for financial stability being that the Diocese’s year theme is about “Marriage”.

Bishop Jjumba requested the christians to practice praying for all the fallen Bishops of the Diocese and urged them to buy the booklet with all the information about the Deceased Bishops. He ended by calling upon the people of God to pray for the souls of Fallen Bishops inorder to reach their places of happiness in Heaven.

Deceased Bishops of Masaka Diocese

1. ANTHONY GUILLERMAIN (1862-1897)Vicar Apostolic of Northern Victoria Nyanza

2. HENRY STREICHER (1863-1952)Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Uganda and Titular Archbishop of Brysis

3. JULIAN GORJU (1868-1942)Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Burundi and Titular Bishop of Mutebi

4. JOSEPH NAKABAALE KIWANUKA (1899-1966)Archbishop of Rubaga

5. ADRIAN KIVUMBI DDUNGU (1923-2009) Bishop Emeritus of Masaka Diocese

6. JOHN BAPTIST KAGGWA (1943-2021)Bishop Emeritus of Masaka Diocese

7. PAUL LOKIRU KALANDA (1927-2015)Bishop Emeritus of Fort Portal Diocese

8. HENRY APALORYAMAM SSENTONGO( 1936-2019)Bishop Emeritus of Moroto Diocese

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