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The Right Reverend Severus Jjumba, the Bishop of Masaka Diocese launched the Kitovu Cathedral Foundation on Friday 30th December 2022 to improve the Cathedral in its general appearance such that it can measure up to the current modern standards.

Bishop Jjumba preferred that the Cathedral and all the facilities associated with it get improved, such that they can fetch the congregation due admiration, deserving of the pioneer Catholic diocese in Uganda.

According to the Bishop, the idea was derived from a discussion of the Diocesan Laity Commission, which eventually agreed to establish a volunteers’ association of the; Cathedral Foundation of Masaka Diocese, which has now been assigned the responsibility of mobilizing the funds through annual membership subscription, a drawing work plan and choosing the priority of the general renovation project.

He indicated that the need to renovate the Cathedral was also prompted by the recent elevation of Masaka from a Municipal Council to City status. The structure of the current Masaka Diocesan Cathedral was commissioned by the by first African Bishop Joseph Nakabaale Kiwanuka in 1940, almost a decade before the region was promoted from the level of Vicariate to a Diocese. It was initially constructed exclusively from local materials that included bricks, timber, and iron sheets, until later in 1998 when it underwent its first structural repairs which were supported by an American organization of World Monument Fund-WMF.

In case you need to make a donation, send your contributions as indicated below:


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3200668352

Centenary Bank, Masaka Branch

Edward Avenue, Masaka City, Masaka District, Uganda