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Caritas MADDO/MADDO Dairies

Caritas MADDO (MASAKA DIOCESAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION) is a faith-based organization offering social services and development work in Masaka Diocese. It was started way back after the 1979 war with relief items to war victims. The offices were established in 1981. In 1988 MADDO was expounded to include development work besides social services with more technical staff. This same year (1988) it picked the name MADDO which was changed to Caritas MADDO in 2000 to promote the spirit of giving and receiving as related to love, compassion and solidarity.

Contact Information
Location: Ddungu Wing
P. O. Box 14, Masaka - Uganda
Tel: +25648120976/ 77480073
Fax:  256-481- 20514/20976

Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization

Kitovu Mobile is a Faith-Based Medical and Community Empowerment Organization under the Diocese of Masaka. The organization was started in 1987 as an outreach Program of Kitovu Hospital. It was later registered in 2013 as a Company Limited by Guarantee with the Registrar of Companies. It is governed by a competent Board of 9 Directors with 5 senior managers and a full time internal auditor.  Its operations cover the 10 districts of Greater Masaka.

The purpose of Kitovu Mobile is to lead the provision of innovative, mobile health services and empower marginalized communities affected by HIV/TB, Cancer and other emerging life threatening chronic illnesses. Kitovu Mobile is widely known for pioneering Home Based Care model in the earliest stages of HIV and AIDS by visiting patients within the confines of their homes, to provide care services in rural remote Lake Victoria areas of Uganda.

Contact Information
Plot 4 & 10 Delhi Road Soweto, Masaka
P. O. Box 207, Masaka –Uganda
Tel: +256 481 420113

Masaka Diocesan Medical Services

Masaka Diocesan Medical Services evolved from being a simple Health committee under the Social Development department into a Diocesan Health Department. In 2005, UCMB demanded that the department gets a Board independent from one of Caritas MADDO whose resolutions are implemented by the Diocesan Health Coordinator and this was accepted. To kick start the department, UCMB paid the running costs until the department was able to raise its own funds to sustain most of the activities.
The implementation of the Civil Society Fund enabled the Health Office staff to build capacity in Project implementation, making it possible to attract more funding. The major land mark in the history of MDMS was the birth of the Wholesale Pharmacy on 22nd July 2013 in Partnership with JMS. The DREAMS Project supported by CDC through Mildmay Uganda which started in 2016 also enabled MDMS improve its capacity.

Contact Information
Location: Ddungu Wing
P. O. Box 70, Masaka - Uganda
Tel: +256 704 675666

Masaka Diocesan Treasury
The Finance Commission administers the temporal (worldly) goods of the diocese under the authority of the Diocesan Bishop and in accordance with a budget determined by a Diocesan Finance Committee. The Diocesan Treasury is comprised of people with expertise in professional finances, accounting, insurance, property management and investments.

  •  Building and Construction
  •  Estates Office

To advance the mission of the Church, the Diocese of Masaka might need to acquire, sell or lease property within its geographic boundaries. If that property is intended for use as an educational institution, such a transaction must first be reviewed by the Diocese’s Estates Committee in accordance with its temporal goods policy governing real estate

P. O. Box 70, Masaka – Uganda

St. Joseph’s Printery – Kitovu,

St Joseph’s Printery Kitovu is a diocesan printing press that was founded by Masaka Diocese.  It is a fully registered company with the registrar of companies though not a limited company.  We comply with Uganda Revenue Authority guidelines. Kitovu printery has professional graphics designers and printers that can always set your work and give you necessary technical advice. We are invested with a high level of confidentiality and professionalism.

The printery produces full color and single color printing in all formats. We produce quality products which among others include; Books, Magazines, Calendars, brochures, invitation cards, banners, posters and many other forms of stationery and printed material. We deal in all forms of industrial printing. We do both production and delivery. Come and enjoy the taste of our new and modern machines. We are located at Kitovu hill behind Kitovu Cathedral Church. The route to our work place is via Archbishop Kiwanuka S.S adjacent to the church as the sign posts may guide you.

You can also contact us via

P.O Box 70 Masaka.

Tel. (+256) 704 663576, 706 393999, 772 424393