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Hospitals and Health Centres

St. Joseph’s Kitovu Health Care Complex  

Kitovu Health Care Complex, known as St. Joseph’s Hospital, is located in Masaka town, Uganda, about 140km from the capital Kampala. Kitovu Health Care Complex was founded in 1955, when the late Arch Bishop Joseph Kiwanuka, the first African Bishop South of the Sahara, invited the Religious Congregation of the Medical Missionaries of Mary Sisters (M.M.M.) from Ireland to build up a small First Aid Post in Masaka, Uganda. The M.M.M. Sisters ran the hospital from 1955 to December 15, 2001, when they handed over the responsibilities of the management to the indigenous Congregation of the Bannabiikira (Daughters of Mary) Sisters Bwanda Masaka.  

Contact Information
P.O. Box 524, Masaka – Uganda
Phone:  (+256) 481- 420097/421226
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Villa Maria Hospital

Villa Maria hospital is a private not for profit (PNFP) hospital, operating under the umbrella organization of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB). It is currently run by the indigenous congregation, the Daughters of Mary (Banabikira) Sisters, who are the first Religious congregation of Native African Women, South of Sahara.

Villa Maria Hospital is 11 kms away from Nyendo / Masaka Town.  It was started in 1902 by the White Sisters known as (Sisters of Our Lady of Africa).  It developed from strength to strength, providing curative and preventive and promotive medical services.  It is the major hospital serving Kalungu District.

Contact Information
P.O. Box 32, Masaka – Uganda
Phone:  (+256) 751 274243 , 788 900484
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St Andrews, Biikira Health Centre
P. O Box 1761 Masaka – Uganda

St. Bernard Manya Health Centre
P. O. Box 04 Kyotera – Rakai

St. Agatha Lwebitakuli Health Centre
P. O. Box 1274 Masaka – Uganda

St. Francis Mbiriizi Health Centre
P. O. Box 637 Masaka – Uganda

Archbishop Kabana Ssunga Health Centre
P. O. Box 1606 Masaka – Uganda

Makondo Health Centre
P. O. Box 1677 Masaka – Uganda

St. Monica Birongo Health Centre
P. O. Box 1458 Masaka – Uganda

St. Elizabeth Kijjukizo Health Centre
P. O. Box 16 Lyantonde – Uganda

St. Lucien Katimba Health Centre
P. O. Box 325 Masaka – Uganda

St. Joseph Kyamuliibwa Health Centre
P. O. Box 1458 Masaka – Uganda

Nkoni Health Centre
P. O. Box 410 Masaka – Uganda

St. Matilda Kitaasa Health Centre
P. O. Box 1432 Masaka – Uganda

St. Jude Ssanje Health Centre
P. O. Box 165 Kyotera, Rakai – Uganda

St. Benedict Butende Health Centre
P. O. Box 1196 Masaka – Uganda

St. John Mary Muzeeyi, Buyoga Health Centre
P. O. Box 1264 Masaka – Uganda