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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have a Luganda Church song which was composed after the command of our Lord, “love one another” (John 13:34). The words of the song are, “nga kirungi ab’oluganda okusula awamu,” which literary mean, it is beautiful for the brethren to congregate. I feel the same on this occasion that it is beautiful in itself for us to come together, to assemble as Catholic professionals.

Later we must grow in unity and as a body of Catholic profession bring Christ in the midst of all the faithful of Masaka Diocese and inspire the young and youth within the Diocese. On a broader spectrum, together we have the Baptismal obligation “to Christ-fy the world,” that is, to make Christ present in our various spheres of life and work.


In the words of the Second Vatican Council, to permeate society with the spirit of the Gospel. “Laymen and women are called by God to make of their apostolate, through the vigor of their Christian spirit, a leaven in the world” (Apostolicam Actuositatem no. 2, paragraph 2).

May Saint Joseph, the Patron of workers, the Protector of the family and the Protector of the Universal Church intercede for us.



A call to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world

Dear friends, today May 1st 2023, we celebrate International Workers’ Day, which is also commonly known as Labour Day. We are gathered here as members of the Association of Catholic Professionals (ASSOCAP) in Masaka Diocese, to have our annual reunion and celebrate this important Day together. I take the honor to warmly welcome everyone to this auspicious occasion and to thank you all for honoring the invitation.

We profoundly thank God the Almighty for having called us to embrace the various professions and for bringing us together. We also thank Him for all the services that He has enabled us to extend to His people in our respective professions.

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 We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to His Lordship Serverus Jjumba, the Bishop of Masaka Diocese, for it is because of his constant guidance and tremendous support that our Association is being revitalized. We also thank him most sincerely for dedicating this day to ASSOCAP. Thank you very much your Lordship for the parental love that you have shown to the Catholic professionals.



On March 01st 2023, the Ordinary of Masaka Diocese, Rt. Rev. Bishop Serverus Jjumba,  at Sports Arena Kitovu, revitalized what for long had gone silent yet invaluable to the Diocese of Masaka.

The Association of the Catholic Professionals of Masaka Diocese was awakened with the main objective of brining together different Catholic professionals hailing from Masaka Diocese to associate and serve the Diocese with combined strength in their various professions.

The ASSOCAP community will meet every calendar year on the 01st of May for their Annual General Meeting and get together for the different professions in the Diocese to discuss a way forward.


The core objectives of the Association are:

  1. To promote core catholic values among Catholic Professionals focusing on Integrity, Honesty and Moral Uprightness.

In the current era, moral decay is the order of the day. As one greater thinker rightly pointed, knowledge without God only creates Clever devils. Professionals are very influential people. Society looks up to them. Its therefore our obligation to live by good example in everything we do to inspire others.

Fundamental questions:

  1. Do others see Christ in me through the work i do?
  2. Has my work benefitted the community i live in?
  3. Have I inspired others to be better Christians in my actions as a professional?
  1. To promote Interconnectivity (Networking) of all Catholic Professionals for Sustainable Growth

“Alone I move fast but together we move far.”

“True Friends are worth more than gold and mammoth.”

“Unity in diversity is the golden rule. No man is an island.”

The current world demands diverse knowledge in various fields. But we cannot be masters of every trade. We need each other. In our various professions, we need to know each other for we are interdependent.

A lawyer goes to a doctor for a check up whereas a doctor needs a teacher to educate a child, a teacher rears animals and birds back at home therefore needs a veterinary person who also needs an architect and a civil engineer to construct his family house.

This is the common story of living and scenarios are quite numerous.

With Christ as the unifying factor, you can best talk to a brother in Christ to serve you better (the ultimate goal) than someone who doesn’t understand your religious values.

This promotes togetherness of Christ’s body.

Many Catholics have found comfort in other beliefs yet their brothers and sisters have been unfair to them. This scenario is not a good portrayal of Christ’s body and mission.

  1. To evangelize through Community Service.

The ultimate goal of humanity is to serve. When we serve, we reach out to other people. Following the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ who selflessly gave himself to the world. Jesus did not sit around in King’s thrones giving orders here and there for subordinates to work. But went out and did the work himself especially to those who needed it. Without pay and neither did he ask for it.

The world today is in dire need of service. The ones giving service today have either done it very wrongly or been highly exploitatively in all spheres of life.

The deficiency has led to untold human suffering. The poor have lost land, property and life.

Because she cannot afford exorbitant lawyer fees, a poor woman’s land will be taken by those who have money and “connections”. A businessman is likely to lose a lot in tax for lack of a reliable accountant/auditor. The story goes on and on.

Everyone in their profession has capacity to give back to community to uplift the image of Christ and hence human dignity.


Members of the Association of Catholic Professionals, Masaka Diocese have come together to develop the Association's Draft Action Plan for 2023-2024.  Below are a few core sections of the strategic plan:

The proposed strategies for the association include:

  1. Establish a functional structure/secretariat (Coordinator, offices, etc.)
  2. Develop relevant and effective programs that respond to needs of Catholic Professionals and the needs of Masaka Diocese
  3. Strengthen our organization including growing our membership in all parishes and beyond
  4. Develop a strong financial base to support our programs
  5. Restoration of degraded environment in the Diocese.
    1. The nation is facing a period of uncertainty in many aspects including political, social and economic.

    2. The humanitarian situation:
      a) Unreliable weather patterns
      b) Hunger, disease and poverty
      c) Increasing unemployment amongst the youth

    3. Religion and morality:
      a) Increased wave of false preachers from other sects
      b) The family foundation is more fragile.
      c) Parents have less time with their children since most months children are at schools.
      d) Increasing materialism
      e) Less values and increased impunity for those well-connected in society
      f) Growing moral decadence pose a big challenge to the church and believers.

    4. Globalization:
      a) Young generations are negatively impacted by globalization and technology
      b) Parents are failing to catch up with the fast pace at which their children are embracing the ever-evolving technologies.
      c) Loss of worthy values including hard work and a good education as anchors to character-building.
  1. To be of service as professionals to the Church and its institutions
  2. To work in collaboration with other Catholic groups as well as support Catholic youth groups
  3. Participation in parish activities including civic projects such as voter education and advocating for just causes.
  4. Encouraging and appointing Catholics to occupy positions of influence in various sectors.
  5. Developing a code of ethics as professionals and living by it, and evangelizing beginning with the family level going up.
  6. Broadly, our Association’s role is largely that of adding value to the Church’s programs in the church’s response to the needs of the followers in which she exists and operates.

For a member to join the association he must fulfil the following conditions:

A baptized Catholic.

Born or having a permanent residence in Masaka Diocese

A Professional at the level of a diploma and upwards from a recognised Institution/ University.

Ready to pay Membership (UGX 50,000) and Annual subscription (UGX 50,000) fees.

Follow the link below to register online through a Google Form:
(Note: Registration is done once. Fill in the details with utmost care)

CLICK HERE to Register Online


Meet the ASSOCAP Executive Team

The team below was elected to spearhead the running of the Association

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Rev. Fr. Kamulegeya Michael


Fr. Michael, is our Chaplain, and a teacher by profession. He is currently the Diocesan Education Secretary.

Mr. Kagombe Paul Mugwanya - Chairperson

Mugwanya Paul Kagombe


Nakyejwe Rose - Vice Chairperson

Nakyejjwe Rose


Rose is a professional in environment conservation and management . She is an employee of Masaka District Local Government heading the Department of Natural Resources.

Mr. Ssenyonga Francis - Secretary

Ssenyonga Francis


Francis, Engagement Partner Evlo & Company Certified Public Accountants

Ssalongo Mulindwa Jude - Treasurer

Ssalongo Mulindwa Jude


Jude (CPA) is an accountant by profession currently working with CARITAS MADDO as the Chief Accountant.

Mulindwa John Baptist - Publicity Secretary

Mulindwa John Baptist


John Baptist is the Principal of  Ssanje Agricultural Training institute

Sembatya Innocent - Assistant publicity secretary

Ssembatya Innocent


Innocent is an Agriculturalist  working with Caritas MADDO, the development arm for Masaka Dioceses, Kitovu, Nyendo.


Madrine Namayengo

Namayengo Madrine


Madrine is an Information Systems Assistant with Relief Foundation of Masaka

Dr. Ssembuya Henry


Henry is a Surgeon by training working as a Quality Control Officer at Masaka Diocesan Medical Services and medical practitioner at Kitovu Hospital. He is currently an Assistant Lecturer at KIU Teaching Hospital Surgery Dept.

Counsel Yawe Lule

Counsel Lule Yawe


Mr. Mukasa Edward - Head of Teachers

Mukasa Edward


Edward is the current Chairperson of MACADITA and Headmaster of St. Bernards S.S. Mannya. Rakai. He is Treasurer for Kyansi Parish, and Omwami wa Sabasajja mu Muluka Kirimya,

Mr. Zepher Bakeiha - Environmentalists

Baheika Zepher Oribakira


Zepher is an Environmentalist by profession with a Masters in Environmental science. He is currently working at Kalungu District Local Government as District Natural Resources Officer

Eng. Kiwanuka Archilles

Eng. Kiwanuka Archilles Ddaaki


Archilles is a Senior Civil Engineer, Construction Manager, Director Nama Agencies Ltd and currently the District Engineer for Kalungu District Local Government


Namatovu Margaret


Nakanjakko Ritah


16-Dr. Nabadda Sitenda Zzimbe (Veterinary & Agriculturalist Representative)

Dr. Nabadda Sitenda Madrine


Madrine works with Sembabule District Local Government as a Veterinary Officer in charge of Mijwala Subcounty. She is serving  as Vice President Uganda Veterinary Association

Najjumba Juliet Mayanja


Juliet is a Principal Assistant Chief Administrative Officer at Masaka District Local Government

Nabukalu Matilda


Matilda is a Ugandan journalist and trained in Social Work who has been reporting news since 2009. She is currently working with Centenary Radio FM Limited as a News Editor.

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