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Masaka Diocese in Numbers 

Population in the District

% Estimates of the Catholic Population in the Diocese

Total population: 1,826,256 (estimates)

Total Number of Catholics: 1,118,156 (estimates)
Percentage of Catholics: 61.2%


The religious clergy in all the institutions in the Diocese

Bishops: 1

Diocesan Priests: 281 Religious Priests: 20
Religious Sisters: 616 Missionary Sisters: 38
Religious Brothers: 91
Catechists: 875

Deaneries & Parishes

Divisions of the laity in the Diocese

Number of Parishes: 55
Number of Denarius: 14
Number of Sub parishes: 762


Holy sacraments administered to the Catholic faithful in the Dioces

Baptisms:  30,986
First Holy Communion: 13,483
Confirmations: 13,641
Catholic Marriages: 878
Mixed Marriages: 38
Catholic Funerals: 194

Catholic Educational Institutions

Educational institutions founded on Catholic principles of faith.

Kindergartens/Nursery Schools: 19
Primary Schools: 449
Secondary Schools: 66
Vocational institutions: 19
University of Ecclesiastical Studies: 1
University of Secular: 1