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Masaka Diocese Education Commission is an executive of Masaka Diocese –Uganda East Africa charged with the responsibility of Establishing, Monitoring, Supervising and ensuring quality education in Catholic Church Founded Education Institutions.

Registered Trustees of Masaka Diocese are the legal owners of all schools founded by the Catholic Church in Masaka Diocese headed by the Bishop of Masaka Diocese. The Bishop is the head of the foundation body of all Catholic Church Founded Schools in his area of jurisdiction (Canon 806).

  • Vision and Mission
  • Objectives
  • Schools
  • Departments


A Holistically Educated Family of God.


To form a holistically educated Family of God.

i To continue with Masaka Diocese’s contribution in the promotion of Education for the benefit of the Catholic Church in Masaka Diocese and the nation.

ii To ensure that schools are places of Godliness and moral integrity based on the Catholic Church Values.

iii To promote and celebrate the Catholic identity of our School in one family.

iv To develop freely the talents, skills and capacities of all learners in our Catholic schools.

v To promote holistic education which will generate creative and competitive human resources especially in leadership for sustainable and integral development.

vi To promote cooperation, interdependence, and mutual support among the education institutions in the Diocese.

vii To ensure that education institutions significantly contribute to the overall evangelization mission that is being carried out in the Parishes and sub parishes.

viii To build the capacities of stake holders’ involvement in education

ix To ensure that HIV/AIDS Programmes are integrated in our educational programmes.

x To optimally utilize in the best want the available opportunities in our reach


– 217 Kindergarten/ Nursery

– 66 Secondary Schools

– 449 Primary Schools

– 21 Technical / Vocational

– 1 University Campus


Administration Department

Education Secretary: Rev. Fr. Michael Kamulegeya 

Assistant Education Secretary: Rev. Fr. Joseph Bukoola

Religious Education Advisor Department

Religious Education Advisor: Fr. Elia Tumwesige

Assistant Religious Advisor: Rev. Sr. Esther Nakakande

Inspectorate Department

Head Inspection Department: Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Lugeba

Mr. Kalyango Denis (In charge of Secondary Schools)

Mr. George William Kayemba (In charge Primary Schools)

Mr. Hezron Thaddeus Kayinga (Inspector of Schools)


Mr. Edward Mukasa (Chairperson)

Support Staff

Ms. Birabwa Franciska (Accountant/ Clerk)

Mrs. Gorreti Nassuna (Secretary)

Ms. Rita Nassali (Secretary)

Ssalongo Joseph Ssekitto (Driver/Office Messenger)