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St Padre Pio Centre Masaka to procure land currently occupied by Witchdoctors

MASAKA: As one of the most well-known modern saints in the world, the intercession of St. Pio of Pietrelcina more commonly known as Padre Pio has been the source of many alleged miracles over the years.

The Italian saint who died in 1968 and in 2002 was canonized by Pope John Paul II is a darling of many. In Uganda, the Saint has two prayer centres, one situated 18 km along Kampala-Entebbe road, and the second located at Misaali Hill Masaka diocese

The Masaka Center was opened in 2018 after one of the strong Catholic believers was impacted by the legacy of Padre Pio, upon receiving an extraordinary healing that prompted him to donate 5 acres of Land at Misaali Hill in Masaka.

This contribution later resulted in the creation of the second National Centre for Padre Pio in Masaka
However, the land was just next to a number of traditional shrines which created a non-foreseen competition between Catholics seeking for Padre Pio’s miracles and the Witchdoctors at the Hill during time of worship.

The priest in charge of St Padre Pio Prayer Center Misaali Nyendo, Fr. Antony Eyuku, said they agreed with traditionalists to take over the entire premises to seize the competition and expand the center by procuring land where the shrines are currently located so that the place can be truly holy.

Last week Christians therefore, converged at Misaali Prayer center to fundraise money for procuring the land to enable traditionalists to relocate.

The fundraising ceremony began with a Mass led by Fr. Raymond Kalanzi from the Archdiocese of Kampala, who urged his fellow priests and Catholics to do everything possible to encourage their fellow Catholics not to run to the shrines thinking that there is victory.

Fr. Kalanzi, said many Catholics are leaving the church of the Lord and call upon St. Padre Pio and Mother Mary to bring back the Catholics who have left the church for light reasons.

The priest in charge of St Padre Pio Prayer Center Misaali Nyendo, Fr. Antony Eyuku, urged Christians to help them fundraise for the expansion of the center by buying land where the shrines are located so that the place can be truly holy. Millions of money was collected during the event.

You can also fundraise for this cause through Centenary Bank A/C: 3202104044
Bank Name: St. Padre Prayer Centre Misaali
Mobile Money: +256 773 811 764/ +256 702 811 764


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