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Pilgrims Converge at St. Yoanna Maria Muzeeyi Shrine

Thousands of pilgrims on Sunday January 29th, thronged the birthplace of Uganda Martyr St. Yowanna Maria Muzeeyi Kiwanuka at Minziiro Kiraya village in Kyebe sub county, Nazareth Parish in Kyotera district for a holy annual pilgrimage

The Bishop of Masaka Rt. Rev. Severus Jjumba, led the pilgrims in a celebration of a holy mass. While delivering his homily, Bishop Jjumba reminded the parents of their obligation to provide lunch to learners which he said it should be a necessity in all schools. He said, he will not accommodate any student in Masaka Diocesan founded schools whose parent hasn’t catered for school meals

The Bishop in his own words said

“Government owns a few schools around though it helps us to pay salaries to teachers in government aided schools. So wherever you find a school at any Paris, it’s owned by the Diocese. We therefore, not listen to parents who fail to pay just a small amount to provide lunch to learners just because they think government will provide every requirement to learners.”

Bishop Serverus Jjumba delivering his homily at Minziiro

St. Yowana Maria Muzeeyi is among the three Uganda Martyrs born in Masaka region. The other two are St. Bruno Sserunkuuma who hails from Ssaza and St. Charles Lwanga who hails from Birinzi. Masaka Catholic Diocese declared their places of birth as national spiritual tourism centers.

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