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Masaka Diocese headed by Rt. Rev. Serverus Jjumba, the Ordinary Bishop of Masaka Diocese has numerous departments and committees that run the day to day affairs of the Diocese. Below are some of the important departments within the Diocese as assigned their respective duties by the Bishop.


Names Designation
Rt. Rev. Serverus Jjumba Ordinary Bishop
Msgr. Dominic Ssengooba Vicar General
Fr. Charles Jude Jjuuko Chancellor, Adjunct Judicial Vicar
Fr. Alex Kiyimba, Vice Chancellor, Private Secretary, MC
Fr. Cosmas Kaboggoza Episcopal Vicar for the Clergy
Fr. Kizito Nkonge Nswa Episcopal Vicar for the Religious
Fr. Edward Ssekabanja Judicial Vicar
Fr. James Ssendege Pastoral Coordinator
Fr. Alex Ssekatawa Archivist


Names Designation
Rt. Rev. Serverus Jjumba Chairperson
Msgr. Dominic Ssengooba Member
Msgr. Joseph Kasule Member
Msgr. George Sserwanga Member
Fr. James Ssendege Member
Fr. Paul Ssegawa Member
Fr. Andrew Kyamufumba Member
Fr. Vincent Ssentongo Member
Fr. Charles Jude Jjuuko Secretary


Names Designation
Fr. Edward Ssekabanja Judicial Vicar
Fr. Charles Jude Jjuuko Adjunct Judicial Vicar
Fr. James Ssendege Defender of the Board
Fr. Charles Kabanda Promoter of Justice
Msgr. George Sserwanga Assessor
Fr. Stephen Ssegawa Assessor
Fr. Henry Ssebwana Notary
Fr. Julius Luswata Adjunct Notary


Names Designation
Fr. Deusdedit M. Ssekyewa Financial Coordinator / Chairman Finance Committee
Fr. Edward A. Ssemwogerere General Treasurer
Fr. Denis Ssekalegga Assistant General Treasurer-1,
Ass. Projects Supervisor, Supervisor Terrace View
Fr. Gerald Migadde Assistant General Treasurer-2


Names Designation
Fr. James Ssendege Pastoral Coordinator
Fr. Augustine Ssembajjwe Vocations Director
Fr. Paul Ssegawa Assistant Vocations Director
Fr. Raphael Ssemmanda Development Coordinator
Fr. Simon Peter Kamulegeya Assistant Development Coordinator-1
Fr. Peter Paul Ssemakula Assistant Development Coordinator-2
Fr. Michael Kamulegeya Education Secretary
Fr. Joseph Bukoola Assistant Education Secretary
Fr. Elia Tumwesige Religious Advisor
Fr. Augustine Ntabana Director of Pontifical Mission Societies
Fr. Ronald Mayanja Coordinator for Social Communications
Fr. Thomas Mbaagatuzinde Kasule Director Centenary Radio and Assistant Coordinator Social Communications
Fr. Bonny Kalyesubula Chairman of the Building Committee, Supervisor Church Buildings
Fr. Kizito Musaale Kaganda Supervisor Church Buildings